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A few hopes for the next year of H!P

Before continuing, make sure you're aware that anything written in this post is purely my OPINION, which I have a right to share. If you don't agree with it, then you don't have to read it, k thnx bai.

Mmk so I decided to write this here. I dunno why. I should really get better about this blog :3 XD yeah, sure.

Anyway, so I'm just gonna get straight to the point. These are just a few of my hopes for the next year of H!P.

First of all, I really hope that a new unit will be introduced. Whether it's a new permanent Unit like MoBeKiSu, or a new sub unit like what used to be Minimoni, W, Tanpopo, v-u-den, etc. I just don't want another one that's like the Satoyama groups (seems to not be really "H!P"), revival groups (release 1-2 songs and then they're done), or Buono! (epic for like 4 years and then just dies). Anyway, I also have hopes that certain members might get into a unit like this too <3. Here's my list of top wants for unit members:

01. Shimizu Saki
No shit, right? Of course I'd want my current Oshi to get in a new unit if one is made, right? Well, honestly, it's not even because she's my Oshi, okay, that's bullshit, it's actually partly because she's one damn badass rapper. And you know what H!P can never have too much of? Rapping. Yes. I don't care if you love her or hate her, after Loving You Too Much and Cat's Eye, you'd have to be deaf to deny her rapping skills. I'll leave it at that since I know whether or not you like her voice is your opinion cause liking her rapping totally is not xP, I personally do, so that's props for me.

02. Nakajima Saki
Another Oshi. I'm being sooo obvious about this, aren't I? But the main reason I have her here is because, ultimately, I'm wishing for a dance unit (not like UFGZ or whatever they're called, I mean just like a unit made of H!P's dancers and it would have epic dances and yeah). And I believe that Nakky is among the best dancers in current H!P. But yeah, I love Nakky, so even if it's not a dance unit, I'd love to see this girl shine more in the project.

03. Otsuka Aina
Ohoho, now we're getting somewhere less obvious even though she's still my favorite Egg. Basically, Aina was one of the ones I was hoping would get in MM and didn't. I was SO happy to find out she joined the eggs. She's a cutie and a good singer, so I just really wish that she gets to be in a unit in the near future (Especially if the unit is like S/mileage was).

04. Katsuta Rina
Look, this girl is so undercreditted in S/mileage. She has some serious talent. If she isn't gonna get lines in S/mileage, she should get in a unit. Yeah. 'nough said @x@.

05. Suzuki Kanon
Why? Try why not! This girl is just omg. This girl should be a lead in MM. Zukki can sing. AND she as Boobies D: HOW CAN YOU NOT PUT HER IN A UNIT?!

06. Nakanishi Kana
Look at that face. Your reasoning is invalid. But really. Kana is actually my... -counts- 5th favorite in CURRENT S/mileage, and even I think this girl should be in a unit. She's cute and her voice is okay. It's better then a lot of H!P's current leads at least. Plus, I don't know, I just really think she would shine more in a unit then she ever will in S/mileage even if she got a lead (kinda like Yaguchi Mari in Minimoni vs Morning Musume. I personally think that Marippe just suited Minimoni more than MM, and she seemed to have a lot of fun.)

07. Kudo Haruka
Haruka has a LOT of talent. She's a great singing and a good dancer AND she's adorable. Plus she was an egg, so she has more training then since joining Morning Musume. How in the WORLD she gets pushed to the back in Morning Musume, I don't understand in the least. I think a unit for her would be a good way to up her fanbase, and hopefully her camera time in MM.

07. Oda Sakura
You can say I'm joining the bandwagon with this one, but to be totally honest, now that Aichan is gone, Gaki is gone, Kame is gone, Reina is leaving, and Shige probably won't last much longer, H!P needs a new ace. And I KNOW many many MAAAANY people will probably hate me for this, but I really don't want Airi to be that ace. I'll admit that Airi has one of, if not, the best voices in H!P, but I'm SO damn sick of hearing it everywhere. And now that Reina is leaving, You KNOW that face is going somewhere, and most likely it'll go to Airi (I'm not even gonna mention MomoMiyaRisa from BK with the shit budget they've been getting recently compared to C-ute's). And no. I'd rather it go to Sakura. A new face for a new generation of H!P. //rant

08. Mitsui Aika
Aika's a solo act now. But I can't see her ever being an actual soloist. With her foot issues, dancing alone would probably be troublesome, but also her voice isn't really solo material IMO. I really want to see her join, maybe even lead a new unit.

09. Conditional girls
I mentioned above that I'd like a new unit to be a dance unit, yes? Yes. Well, another secret secret? hope I have for a new unit, is one that has a similar concept as High King - a leaders unit. So if there were to be a leaders unit, of course Shige, Maimi, and Ayaka need to be in it!  That's the condition for them. For Riho and Ayumi, what's a dance unit without the current Morning Musume Dancing aces?

What? No Masaki? No Miyabi? Why the heck is Ayumi in "conditional girls"? Where's Fukupon? ANSWER!!!

Okay, so yeah, a few of these hopes are due to biases on some level. But I'm still kinda thinking rational. Kinda. Here's what I figure on the above mentioned girls (despite them being among my favorites).

Masaki: Despite loving her and her voice, unlike Haruka, Masaki doesn't have as much vocal training. Plus, her dancing isn't the best. Both her voice and her dancing have improved since she joined MM, but I still think 2013's too early for her to be in a subunit. I think she should get used to being in Morning Musume first. Plus, I highly prefer her lower voice (the one she used in  Hajimete no Happy Birthday), and I honestly don't want her to be put in a unit to use her cutesy voice.
Miyabi: I love Miyabi, but kinda like Airi, I'm sick of hearing her EVERYWHERE. With Aa, Sexy Otona Jan, Buono, and a lead in Berryz, she got a lot of attention ever since she joined H!P pretty much. I think it's time for some newer faces (or lesser shown ones) to get a little attention.
Ayumi: Like I said, what's a dance unit without Ayumi? But really, I think her singing leaves a LOT to be desired. She's improved a bit, but from what I can hear in Help Me!! her voice is still stiff and hesitant.
Fukupon: I thought about putting Fukupon on this list. I really did. But I just don't see her fitting in with any other members. Mizuki's voice is really soft and gentle, and I can't imagine her fitting in a unit with just about anyone that I put on this list.

Okay so that was a heck of a lot of talking over just one hope @x@. So here are a few more hopes that many people will probably disagree with but too bad.

-More graduations & auditions.
Okay, hear me out first. With Morning Musume gaining 9 new members and losing 7 just in the past few years, and S/mileage gaining 4 and losing 2 and a half (counting Fuu-chan as a half), and the graduation of H!P's only soloist, H!P is entering a whole new era. I hate graduations just as much as most other people out there, but if no one else graduates, I can't imagine H!P getting out of it's same old routine. Same with auditions. Preferably not a Gen 12 for Morning Musume yet @_@ but for sure I'd like to see a new unit, even if it's auditions, and I'd love to see at least one new soloist, preferably more than that. Basically, if a graduation or audition is announced, I'll probably cry and then get over it and be like "... wait... this is exactly what I want o 3o"

-Member colors
Okay I think most people who know me know that I have an obsession with member colors, so my few member color related hopes: 
1. Berryz gets goddamn member color outfits for a single. Really they're they only ones who haven't had one.
2. Member colors start being incorporated into outfits regularly. Even if it's just a bow or something.
3. Member color shuffle. Okay, part of me is petrified if this happens, but I'd LOVE to see it. Currently C-ute's okay (I'd honestly like Airi to be dark pink and Mai to be light pink, but whatever), but Morning Musume especially only a couple members really suit their colors now, I think. Especially once Shige graduates. And Berryz... and S/mileage... Just... idk XD it's scary to think about, but I think it would be interesting.

-Morning Musume Self-Cover album
You remember the Shinsei Naru Album that C-ute just released? Yeah. I wanna see an MM one. I can imagine, if it's after Reina leaves, that it would be VERY interesting since there are so many songs that only Shige if Shige took part in the original. OMG I'd die XD

-More and better Berikyuu
I love Berikyuu as a unit. But lets be honest, Amazuppai sucked ass. No solos, boring tune, boring PV, etc. And Cho Happy Song? So overrated. Eventually it got annoying to listen to. I want a GOOD Berikyuu song. One that I could play on repeat for days without it annoying me.

-Autotune dies
Really. Just die. I don't even care anymore. I'd rather listen to Shige squeak then have to hear any more autotune ever. OR maybe you should put people who can actually SING in front so you don't NEED autotune. Autotune can burn in hell.

-Risako stops with the shit hair colors
Really. No. Her natural color is so beautiful, she's gonna ruin her hair if she keeps dying it. And could she at least pick some good colors? Really. The cha cha sing color made her look like an old lady, and her red hair makes her look like a hooker. Look, red hair is for people with a MAX of Miyabi lengthed hair. Long red hair just looks like a shitty wig.

-More group songs, less solos
I love small group songs on albums. I prefer when these songs are from 2 to 5 people, preferably 3-5. So when 13 Colorful Character was announced to have two solos and then a 8nin song, I was so pissed off. And albums like 6 Chou Wonderful are shit too. I like ones like 5 (FIVE) <33 and even the new Morning Musume Singles that have small group b-sides. Just... <33 cut the solos and make lots of small group songs *^*

I just want this year to be the best year H!P has ever had! ^ 3^

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  1. Nice post! Suzuki definitely needs to be in a group especially Kana, Haruka and Mitsui who we only really see doing MC'ing.

    Agreed that autotune needs to die and there needs to be more Berrikyuu though. I really liked Risako's hair but before then, I have no clue what she or her stylists were thinking >_<

    I believe the two Saki's should be a dance unit together, that would be pretty cool!

    By the way, I hope you will also check out and comment on my post about Hopes for 2013, if you have any please share here: