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As per usually, everything in this blog post is purely my opinion. You have just as much of a right not to agree with it as I have to post it, but please be mature about it, and if you don't like it, you're free to leave. I'm not holding you against your will, so I would appreciate if any criticism provided were constructive. That being said, you may continue now~.

(Sorry, I had to)

At the end of last year, I made a post about some things I hoped for in this upcoming year. Some of them came true, some didn't. Though we still have just under half a year left... But today, I'm gonna do something similar once again. This is just gonna be some random stuff I've thought of and kinda hope happens, though some to most of it probably won't. Here we go~

First, and probably the one I want the most. A MaaDuuetto unit! These two are so good together, both looks and vocally. If you think I'm wrong on the vocals, then you mind finding another reason why these two have been in the same b-side song for all singles since 123 (AKA, since multiple, small group b-sides were a thing) And they're the ONLY TWO who follow this pattern? Plus, I kind of hope that if they are in a unit with just the two of them, Maa would use her lower tones a bit more to help blending (unlikely, but mehh). PLUS, the making of/other behind the scenes footage would be death by adorableness, I'm sure. If you have no idea what makes me think that, you might want to take a couple minutes out of your time to watch this 8 minute video: 

 These two are just so cute together! sdlkahjgk I just can't. -flails around-. Okay, I'm moving on before this turns into an "I love MaaDuu" post. kthxbai.

The second thing I kinda hope for is related to H!P goods! It's bad for the wallet, but I still really hope they come out with it. And that's -drum roll- an umbrella! Now before you say "That's stupid, really, who would buy that?" around Help Me, H!P released group blankets, they were pretty cool. And then this summer they have water bottles as part of the I <3 Series. I can just see an Umbrella with a similar picture as the one on the album cover in above. Depending on how it is, I might buy it! (My umbrella's cover is worn out... I need a new one soon anyway!) I think it would be cool >.> leave me alone -hides-.

My friend mentioned that she wanted someone to go blonde (in Morning Musume). The funny thing was, less than a second after I replied with "I vote Erina" she said "Maybe Ikuta". We both agree that Erina would be able to pull it off well, probably. She already dyed it light brown, so blonde isn't that much farther, right? Then she said maybe Iikubo. I responded "No. She should dye it blonde, then have some orange streaks/highlights and call it Honeydew." So yeah, now she's kinda got me all worked up at the possibility of one of these two going blonde.

Fourthly, I know people are gonna hate me for saying this, and to be totally honest, even I kinda hate me for saying this, but I want a graduation to come out of Berryz Koubou. I'm not gonna say who should go -coughMomokocough- but Berryz is getting old. Berryz was my favorite group for a long time, and even I'll admit it. Being the record holding group for the longest time with the same lineup, everything's the same! Every single song is just a repeat of something they've done before and it's getting boring. Someone needs to go to mix things up a bit (That's what seemed to have worked with the other groups anyway). So yeah... As much as I love the lineup the way it is now... -sigh-.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. And again. And again. AND AGAIN! I WANT A DANCER SUB UNIT! As long as Ayumi, Captain, and Nakky are in it, I really don't care much if Riho is, or who's in it from S/mileage or JuJu, as long as they can dance well. BUT REALLY! THERE HAVE BEEN 2 SIMILAR PERFORMANCES TO THIS TYPE OF THING! I want an official unit! Ugggghhhhhh!

Lastly (unless I think of something else >.>), I want a Morning Musume A-side with the perfect pitch duo as the main lead singers. I never thought much about their pitch until I was bored and reading through Masacchi's trivia on H!P Wikia and found this: "She and Suzuki Kanon are know for having perfect pitches when it comes to singing. Sato believes she can't lose at it." Ever since I read that, I really wanted a song with line distribution similar to those from Platinum Era but with ZukkiMasacchi lead instead of what would probably be YasushiOdon lead. Plus... These two are the queens of smiles! 8'D

So yeah, those were some of the things I really wish would happen (and soon). I don't really know why I'm posting them here, other than the fact I've felt bad for not posting in a while, but couldn't of think of anything to post... So I hope you enjoyed, and maybe look forward to the thought of any of this stuff possibly happening like I do :'D. Have a nice day.

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