Sunday, October 6, 2013

Opinion vs. Hate

For once, not everything in this post will be purely my opinion, I will be incorporating a bit of Chiima's opinion as well as possibly definitions, however, there may still be things you disagree with - that's up to you. If you're going to read this, please do so with an open mind. If you can't do that much, I'd like to direct go ahead and direct you now away from this post. If you think you can, please do.

So it's 8am, and the first thing I see when I get on the computer is a new blog post by Chiima called "The Consequences of Your Opinion". I'll be honest, normally I only read her digests. Anything else I'll, at most, look at the pictures 8D. But there are the occasional post that catch me attention, and this is one of them. Upon reading, I kind of thought that it was directed at me, simply because for once she didn't give me much of a response when I sent her my newest post . 3. <3. I'm human too, geez. Upon further reading, She explains that she's been receiving bashing on an unrelated form because a recent post she did called "The Issue With Berryz". Of course, she didn't mention what forum, and I honestly don't care, as the primary reason I'm responding to this is actually due to the rest of her post and what she says about what an opinion is.

I personally believe that there is a line between an opinion and "hate". Although many people take basically any negative bashing of something/someone who has a fandom as "hate," I think there are some instances where it's not that simple. Primarily being the instance such as Chiima writes in "The Issue With Berryz" where she provides plenty of supporting evidence as to why she believes what she does, and goes on to throw in compliments whenever she can (and by that I mean, whenever she can without being full of shit in doing so). She mentions that she has nothing against the girls themselves (for the most part) and in fact loves some of them (like Chi), it's just that the group chemistry is basically gone. 

I won't deny that I have quite a few opinions that even I would potentially classify in the "hate" category. One prime example being my absolute least favorite member of current H!P, Fukuda Kanon. Even I wouldn't be able to properly explain why I dislike her so much, and most of it is a combination of things not even about her directly. But overall she just irritates me beyong all belief, and although I'll admit that she's really pretty, as annoying as her voice is, she's a pretty good singer, and she seems pretty funny in the few videos I've seen of her, I feel like I won't ever be able to like her unless she does something that makes a HUGE impact on my (Like Nakajima Saki who literally went from my 2nd least favorite overall C-ute to my 2nd favorite overall and 1st favorite current in a matter of a day when I realized just how amazing of a dancer she is.)

However, I refuse to believe my feelings towards my least favorite current Morning Musume should be considered as "hate". I have strong feelings about Ikuta Erina, and a reason as to why she's at the bottom of my list. I'm not even going to mention her singing and dancing, because in all honesty, I haven't even paid attention to such things in a long time, and anything I say would simply be from what I remember of probably as far back as One Two Three. However, one thing that has bugged me since she joined is how much of her Gaki-Wota-ness seems to be effecting her personality. What I mean by this is, between basically coming in the group and making herself known as simply a Gaki-wota, and then since Gaki left, whenever I look at her, she seems to be trying to be just like Gaki. I won't like her as long as she's doing this. I'm going to wait for the day until she can find her own, non-Gaki-related, personality and goals. For example, I love when Eripon is showing off her muscles or strength, because that is her. Ikuta Erina. The stronger-than-men-yet-still-gorgeous Musume. I'm patiently awaiting the day where I can look at Eripon as someone other than a "Gaki-Wota" or a "Gaki-wannabe". No hate intended, but she will probably remain at the bottom of my Morning Musume list until this day comes.

Of course, no matter what I, or anyone else says, obsessive fans will be obsessive fans. Chiima basically puts it perfectly near the conclusion of her post, and I do want to quote it word for word here: 
When you are vocal, online or in the real world, there will be consequences that shall, at some point in life, be met, and even though you know that this will happen, it will still surprise and hurt you, and you won't like it. People will jump to conclusions, and they will think of what you say as hate speech, and because of what has been written or said, others will immediately judge you for it based on what someone else has said about you. They don't see the good, they only see the bad, and whilst that original poster has been hurt by what you have said, you will also hurt because people are calling you a bitch or a hater, and bashing you with ill-intention, and they do not understand that you are stating opinions, not facts. There will be some people who don't judge you straight away, not everyone is like that, but if one person talks to another person or a group of people who share their ideals because it is safer for them, then you will be branded as someone who is unworthy and evil, no matter what you say to help them see what you mean, or to show them that you are willing to talk to them and learn.
That's as close as I can seem to get to a box quote on blogger... sorry >.>

But she makes a very good warning out of it, no matter how justified your opinion is, there's always going to be people who get butthurt about it, and chances are, if they're anywhere near as well justified as Chiima's was on Berryz, those people are almost definitely not going to be brave enough to approach you directly about it, and most likely will take it to people who, instead, already share their opinions. I haven't seen the forum post, as I said, but I can imagine that, if there's a chance people didn't read her blog post, the topic starter likely said something under the lines of "This blogger made a post about why Berryz sucks and should disban!" Or something of the sort anyway. The exact words don't matter, my point is, it's very likely that Chiima's opinion was not only bashed, but also taken out of context.

Now, quickly, to address the Berryz post itself. I'm a Berryz fan. And I have tried so hard to like them recently. But ultimately, I agree with almost everything Chiima said in her post. It's not the same as before. Basically since Heroine ni Narou ka, the singles are getting more and more forgettable (Not as in... I forgot what it sounds like, more like, I forgot it exists. I just recently remembered WANT! even existed, and I was addicted to that song when it came out), and the group looks more and more painful. Just watch the dance shot for either of the new songs. The only ones who really seem to be trying to look like they care are Yurina, Captian, and maybe Chi and Momo a little bit. But this "sexy" image also... How can you try to pull it off with Momoko in the group? I mean, even in the supposedly "sexy" Rock Erotic outfit, she still looks like a Loli: 

So yeah, I definitely don't disagree with Chiima by any means. Even as someone who's first favorite H!P official group was Berryz. But when you have to force yourself to like the content, something is wrong. I think I have actually mentioned on my blog before that I wanted Berryz to have someone graduate. I've actually mentioned this to a friend on quite a few occasions, and everytime I bring up the same thing. "Even if my least favorite were to leave, Berryz just wouldn't be Berryz without all 7 of them. They'd almost be better off disbanning then losing a member." I think Berryz has had it's time to shine in these ten years, but being the only group to go so long without a member change (just over 8 years since Maiha left on October 2, 2005). 

Well that was my little ranty thing about opinions and hate and shnizz. Hope I didn't waste your time too much. Type you later~.

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