Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Story Time With Momo (Part 1?)

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So, I've been kinda wanting to blog and didn't know what to blog about, so I decided "you know what? Story time! :D" Maybe I'll do more in the future, but I don't want to promise anything... ever. SO! The topic of today's stories is: Country Girls. And more specifically, Morito Chisaki.

People who are friends with me on facebook and have actually paid attention to my monthly H!P rankings might have noticed that Morito Chisaki was previously my least favorite of Country Girls (aside from Momoko), and the main reason for this is I simply didn't notice her much. Well, to be honest, Country Girls as a whole hasn't interested me much since the announcement of Kobushi Factory (I didn't really care about them either, I was just a bit overwhelmed with all the new girls and kinda backed off either group until there were PVs being released). So, once the preview of Itooshikute Gomen ne was released on Hello!Station, I tried to learn all the girls names. WELL... I almost did. I knew Risa and Manaka's already, and I managed to learn Ozeki Mai. Shimamura Uta I couldn't remember her last name at first, but I knew the "Uta" part, so I went from there. But Morito Chisaki I could not remember her name for the life of me. But I could remember the "orito" part of her last name. SO I decided to give her a nickname. Can you guess what?

"Dorito". I am 100% serious. I started calling her "Dorito" or "the dorito" since her name sounded so similar. I actually learned her name because I made this nickname for her, but I still called her Dorito after that. AND THEN. Guess what happened? The full version of the Itooshikute Gomen ne PV was released. And it happened to announce the girls member colors. And what was Dorito's member color?

Orange. And guess what else is orange?

Doritos. I honestly didn't even think about it until I was colorcoding Koi Dorobou a week later and I happened to think "and Dorito is orange" or something when it finally clicked.

So, it's probably needless to say, but I've decided to keep the nickname "Dorito" for Morito Chisaki, and I'll probably start calling her member color "Dorito" instead of orange as well. I also have a reason to like Dorito more now because of this experience.

So this has been a quick little story time. I hope you don't mind the short post, and you enjoyed the story. So... yeah. That's all I have.


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