Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Idol Appreciation (Fukuda Kanon)

Everything written here is my purely my opinion. I'm open to discussing my opinion, but I ask that any contact refrain from destructive comments regarding my opinion. I hope that you can enjoy this post whether or not you agree with my opinion. Thank you.


I want to start something. I want to start a spread of appreciation through the idol fandom, if possible. I'm going to start a series (hopefully) of blog posts titled "Idol Appreciation" and I'd love if it caught on among bloggers. What I plan on doing in these posts is dedicating one post to any member of Hello!Project (past or present) and just spend that post talking about things I like about/from that member. My goal each post is a minimum of 1 song I love them in, 1 outfit I love them in, and 1 thing I like about them, and no negative comments concerning that member for the duration of the post. Members I like more will probably end up with more content, but the size of the post isn't as important as the point of it. I know that even my least favorite members have things worth liking. I hope you enjoy ^^.

I've decided that, in honor of her graduation, I would start with my least favorite member in current H!P, Fukuda Kanon. One thing I really have to compliment Maro on is how photogenic she is. I've noticed a lot, especially in the past few years, that when looking at outfit sets of Angelume (and S/mileage) and even Hello!Project as a whole, Maro has managed to catch my attention a lot. Usually I tend to look right past members I don't like, but Maro is one of the few that almost always catches my eye.

My favorite vocal performance by Maro is Smile Blues. Due to being unable to find it on youtube, you can listen to it here. I've always preferred stronger, deeper voices to cuter, higher voices, so when I heard Smile Blues I was like "Wait, that's Maro?" and pleasantly surprised by the strength she put into the song. Despite her voice being much cuter and higher than Meimei's, she managed not to fall into Meimei's shadow vocally like I initially expected.

Like I mentioned, I've been liking Maro in a lot of the recent outfits that have been released, but one of the first times I can remember really thinking "Wow, when did Maro get this pretty?" was her outfit for the AyaKanon fanclub event "Dual Smile." Although the outfit itself isn't that great, she looks absolutely adorable, and, despite being a Dawa fan, I would have to admit, I found myself looking at Maro just as much as Dawa whenever I saw pictures or clips of that event.

All in all, I am not a Maro fan, nor do I think I ever could be, but I can see why some people might like, or love, her, and I don't think any less of them or their tastes because of it. Maro is has a unique personality, wide vocal ability, and is adorable, and while they may not be to my tastes, that's just me, and I know there are plenty of Maro fans out there crying at the thought of having to watch her leave after so long. I wish only the best to both Maro and her fans in the future, and I hope you enjoyed my little mini appreciation post. Sorry I don't have much to write, I don't know if I'll keep these short or gradually make them longer... we'll see. Thanks for reading! See you. :3

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