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HaroPuro funnies.

Hey, look at that, I'm actually posting for once. Yeah, I'm a bad blogger cause I get lazy or forget about it. But I'm bored right now, so I figured "Hey, why not?" So I'm gonna talk about some funny videos I've seen in the past and just kinda share why I like them or something. Yeah no plan whatsoever going here.

First one!

The title on youtube is "Ai-chan Kakkoii!" which means basically "Ai-chan, so cool!" or something depending on how you prefer to translate it. This video overall isn't that funny, it is cool though. The part I laugh at every time I watch it, though, is at the ended when Ai-chan's on the floor. She says "Mawatteru Mawatteru Mawatteru" With wide eyes (which literally translates to "Spinning Spinning Spinning", I personally understand it as what I always said as a kid when I got dizzy "everything is spinning"). Which earns the response from one person "Tattenai! Tattenai yo!" ("Don't stand up, don't stand up!"). I could watch that ending on repeat and never grow bored of it. It's just so amusing and reminds me of when me and my sister/friends would have spin-offs when we were little. But really, don't stand when you're dizzy, you will just fall back down.

Moving on. "Dating with Junjun, Reina, and Sayumi" is amusing in itself. This video involves Sayu and Reina coaching Junjun in on-the-spot-skit making. This doesn't go so well for Junjun at first, in that the first story she ends up intruding on a couple, and then the second story she ends up being ditched by her dual girlfriends. The final story, however, is quite simple. She just has to stop Reina and say "Nande?" (Why?") with puppy dog eyes. She pulled of this story quite well and looked adorable doing so. So what's so funny about it? Well, other than the bits that made me laugh the first time, the ending, like the previous video, never ceases to amuse me. After the girls say bye to the audience Reina exits the screen with a "Iku yo!" (Let's go!), Junjun responds using the new technique the girls taught her "Nande?" I personally find it amusing because since the girls said bye, you expect that the game is over, and I'm sure they did too. But Junjun surprisingly continues with an extremely serious face. Causing even her herself to laugh. Maybe it's not so much funny as it is adorable, but it makes me laugh, so I count it as funny.

"Makoto Gets Scared By Hchinamier Surprise" is a clip from Makoto's graduation special of HaroMoni (I believe? I don't know anymore, there's so many names of shows...) where Makoto was in charge of the events that happened that night. Maybe some people might think "oh, it's just a typical 'girl gets scared, screams, and runs away' video", but to me, it's different. I find it absolutely hilarious that she (1) turns around and looks at what popped out, (2) screamed, (3) ran all the way across the room screaming, and (4) hid behind a chair that you can SEE THROUGH. And after all was set and done and she realized what happened, "ORZ" she started laughing at herself (and the surprise). Not to mention, Gaki in the background saying (what I understood as) "Why did you run away, you said you loved ..., didn't you?" (I forgot his name, sorry, and I'm not sure if Gaki used his name). For those of you who don't know who this man is, he was a comedian that was on one of the shows that Haromoni (or whatever) had. It was a show where (if I remember correctly) the members were put in groups and bid on comedians based on a description given to them. The highest bid got to watch the comedian perform for them and the audience while the other groups had to wear blindfolds and earmuffs so they couldn't see or hear the performance, afterwords the audience would rate whether they thought the comedian was funny or not, and however many people said "yes", that many points would be giving to the group who won the comedian. When this man came on, Mako had her group place a bet that turned out to be much higher than the other groups (I think the other groups bet 10 (the minimum) and hers bet 70 or something). I can't remember how he scored with the audience, but Makoto made a big deal about how she loved him and his act. He showed up on a later episode too, I believe, and once again, she intentionally bid too high, but this time the other groups did attempt to take him from her (like I said, I don't know for sure that he even showed up a second time, so this is based on memory, it's been a while.)

"chinami tokunaga talking english" is an adorable video gone wrong on Miyabi's part. I guess what Chi said was kinda funny, but to me, the funniest part was Miiya's face change. When Chi says "my girl friend" Miiya's eyes suddenly go wide and she looks at Chi like "what do you think you're saying?!" then looks back at the camera and denies it. If you notice, also, as Chi turns away, her face looks kinda mad/sad and if you didn't catch it, at the very end she says "mou iku" as she leaves, which means "let's go already". LOL it makes me wonder if Miiya's denial angered her? The thought makes me laugh even more. 

"Kappa Airi Strikes" is a prank (I believe?) that the C-ute girls pulled on the Berryz girls. Airi dress up like a Kappa and surprised the Berryz girls in groups of 2 or 3. This is only one of the groups, but if you're interested in all of them the "Kappa Airi Deluxe Edition" video on youtube has all of them. In this video, they head up stairs into a large room where the narrator(?) (the guy that's sitting with the C-ute girls when they show that clip) tell the girls to close their eyes. Airi then comes out and pokes them and such. The funniest part is when Airi taps on Risako's shoulder twice, then the man said "Open your eyes" Risako looked like she was embarrassed at first, when the man said "Behind you!" and she turned around and screamed, then Airi ran away. It was hilarious. (And just in case anyone was wondering what they were saying when the man said "Dame desu", I'm pretty sure Risako had said "I wanna open my eyes" or something).
This one is unlisted, so I don't think I can show a preview. But this is the video where Kanon Fukuda gets hit with a helmet. Now, I first heard about it from one of the confessions tumblr's (don't remember which one) because a lot of people were hating on DAWA for not reacting properly, and others were praising Meimi for being Kanon's "Knight in Shining armor". First of all, I'll will start of by saying, I had no idea what happened the first time I watched it. I mean, everyone said Kanon got hit with the helmet, but it looked to me like Rina did. So I rewatched it and noticed that before it hit Rina, it hit Kanon in the chin. Maybe this shouldn't be on my list of "funny videos", and maybe some people will think I'm a hater because it is. But dude, I laughed so hard when I caught that. And it's not a Kanon "deserving to get hit" thing (another thing mentioned on the confessions site). If that had happened to Gaki, I would have laughed. If that had happened to my sister, mom, dad, I would have laughed even louder. If that had happened to my best friend, I'd probably have fallen out of my chair laughing. I get it from my mom - I laugh at other people's pain as a first reaction. After I laugh, then I worry if they don't eventually join me or then start crying (like Kanon did), but my first reaction is to laugh, okay?

"English Lessons in Japan" This entire attempt itself is funny. It helps that it starts with Kame saying "Cheese.... Box... Cool" trying to say refrigerator. Even Yossie's "REFRESH!" makes me laugh. And "Refrigerator in Cheese" "OH MY GOD!" haha this episode makes me laugh. "RIFURI... JORETA". I can't watch this video with a straight face no matter how many times I watch it. When Kame said "Mother talk 'dog cheese'", I wouldn't have thought much of it had the guy not said it in Japanese "Haha shaberu 'DOGGU CHIIZU'", which, for those of you who don't get it, sounds even worse grammatically in Japanese than it does in English. The ending was funny too. Charmy asks the teacher "What did you think of it, of Kame?" and he plainy states "It was amusing. Really. The 'RIFURIJIITAA' was amusing." This video is one of the best to watch if you're looking for a good laugh - that is, if you have time to watch a 4 minute video.

"Niigaki Risa look a like". I loved Konkon's original reaction the the drawing, but the funniest part of this video to me is when Gaki imitates the drawing's face. I cracked up! That face! LOL. The first time I watched it, I wasn't expecting it at all, so I burst out laughing. I couldn't keep a straight face as long as it was on my screeen.

So yeah I know of a lot more funny videos, but either I can't find them, they were taken down, or I'm just too lazy to look, but yeah~ Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Maybe I'll start blogging again, who knows? (Yeah, pretty unlikely) Have a good day/night.

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