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Rant of Facts and Fiction (Collab with Kelly/Kerri/Chiima)

This post is a collab with Chiima. Before continuing, make sure you're aware that anything written in this post is purely my OPINION, which I have a right to share. If you don't agree with it, then you don't have to read it, so no hating.

20 TRUE OR FALSE Qs by Momo and Chiima

01. If your favorite member were to leave a group, you would abandon that group.
False. My favorite MM member IS leaving, my co-favorite member's been gone, and I'm still gonna listen to them. My favorite C-ute member was the first to leave, and they're my current favorite group.

02. Your favorite member/group is obviously the best member/group to exist and without them, the group/project would fail.
False. My favorites change, for one, and for two, my favorite isn't always my favorite because they're awesome in that sense, I just like them. Like DAWA, I know a lot of people dislike Dawa (I don't really know why...) and I know that, even though she's leader, S/mileage would do just fine without her, but I love Dawa... she's been my favorite since Shugo Chara Egg, and she's still my S/mileage favorite (sorry Dawa, but Fukuhime passed you in SCE when she joined Gen 2 XD).

03. The new members (Gen 9/10 MM & Gen 2 S/mileage) are too new to handle the loss of so many senpai (Aichan, Gaki, and Yuuka) so soon after joining.
True. I mean, when there's 8 kohai vs. 3 senpai and 4 vs 2, I feel like we have a problem... especially when Morning Musume has lost they're most popular voice, and their most powerful voice within a two year period. I worry for some of the newbs who will probably get the spotlight too early like Reina did (particularly Riho) and may end up being overworked to the point they lose talent. (I'll be the first to defend Reina in that, other than Miki, she was the BEST vocal of Gen 6, but upon being pushed to the front, listening to her now and comparing her with when she joined, she hasn't improved that much, if not has gotten worse, where Kamei and Michishige both have improved greatly.)

04. Idols should be forever pure - They should not marry, or date, or even think about anyone other than their fans.
False. Idols are humans too, we all long for love at some point or another, and, as sad as I am to see them leave over ... a guy ... I can understand that at some point, just singing about love ain't enough, you know?

05. H!P members should be allowed to date/marry so they can stay members forever.
True. I mean, they'll probably leave eventually, but to be forced to leave because you've been seen with a guy (like Mikitty) is a waste of talent. I mean, I'm sure a lot of those creepy stalker Wotas would be mad to know their beloved unknowing lovers are taken, but... has that ever stopped creepy stalkers before? I mean... yeah... that's why they're "creepy stalkers" ._.;

06. When a member graduated, suddenly, everyone loves them.
True. I've noticed that whenever a member is about to graduated, suddenly everyone's all like "Oh! She's my favorite member." "I've loved her since ______" and then when that member is finally gone they move onto their next victim of whatever. I know this isn't true for everyone, but I see it waaaay too much. It makes me mad, as a true GakiMakoCaptainMegumiDawa fan to see people take the word "favorite" and throw it around like it's nothing. THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "ALL TIME" FAVORITE AND "CURRENT" FAVORITE. After Gaki leaves, Fukuhime will be my current favorite, but GAKI WILL STILL BE HIGHER ON MY "ALL TIME" FAVORITES LIST :/

07. When a new member gets more lines than other new members, everyone either hates that member or loves them. (No in between)
True. o 3o I'll admit, I'm the same way. But, Riho, Akari, and Meimi for example, it feels like everyone loves them or hates them, and there's not many in between. XD Not that voice out about it anyway.

08. The new Members of Morning Musume (or specific members) don’t look like they belong there.
False. To me, none of them look like they belong there until they've been there for a while XD. Like, now Gen 10 looks really out of place, but before Gen 9 looked out of place, and now I've seen them in enough MM photos and videos that they seem to fit right in. So... it's just a "gotta get used to the change" thing for me.

09. Morning Musume are a Sinking Ship.
False. As far as I can see, yes, there's a lot going on at once, and a lot of controversy over it, but I do feel like it'll work out in the end, I just need to take a breather to take in all this change happening at once, and I'm sure a lot of the other fans who claim to "Hate this new MM" also need a break to get used to it and then -poof- they'll be all over MM again in a while. -shot-

10. Morning Musume are too childish, so naturally people won’t like them anymore.
True and False. I do think MoMusu has gotten too childish, but MoMusu has always been the "multi-image" group, IMO. I mean, the first single was pretty, and then for a while after that they were mostly sexy, but then around the time Gen 4/5/6 came in the picture, they switched to a funner lighter image, then around gen 7/8 they had a more serious image. So they've gone to cute now, I'm worried, yes, and I don't like it so far (Maji Desu ka Suka and Kare to Issho were good but... Pyoko... is a bit too much for me), but I think they'll be able to pull it off well in the end :).

11. S/mileage has become more mature than Morning Musume as of 2012.
True and False. Voice-wise, as soon as Gaki leaves, S/mileage will have a way more mature vocal range, though even with Pyoko, S/mileage will always beat MoMusu for "cuteness" to me.

12. S/mileage ARE the new Morning Musume.
False. Though I do agree they seem to be taking a similar path as MoMusu but at a slower pace Indies singles before debut, new gen) MoMusu is MoMusu, and S/mileage is S/mileage. The S/mileage girls will never be able to pull off MoMusu's multi-image ability as well as they have, just as MoMusu doesn't seem like it would be able to do near as well as S/mileage with so few members and such a "Cute" image.

13. C-ute is only still “cute” because they owe it to their group name.
True. With how Berryz seemed to have matured suddenly in the PVs and songs, C-ute is just as Cute as ever, and I firmly believe it's because they're name is C-ute and not S-exy XD.

14. Berryz and C-ute might disband soon.
FALSE FALSE FALSE. I would be sooooo sad D: though if they COMBINED groups... Well... I wouldn't lose hope as much ;3 I might actually be somewhat excited.... XD

15. Aika should graduate.
False. Unless her ankle is really that serious and it's only hurting her more to stay in Morning Musume, no.

16. The fans are the real problem behind Morning Musume’s problems.
False. Fans are fans, and fans are fickle. Some fans won't be as appreciative as other fans, or as reliable, that doesn't mean it's their fault.

17. Sayashi Riho and Tamura Meimi are only in H!P because they previously performed in Stage Plays with H!P members/groups.
True. As much talent as Meimi and Riho possess, I do believe other people they were running against in both of their competitions were more talented and better suited for MoMusu/S/mileage than they were, I do think performing previously with H!P put them at an advantage above other auditionees...

18. Tanaka Reina needs to graduate.
False. Morning Musume cannot handle the loss of any more senpai after Gaki until these newbs are settled and their places in the group revealed and practiced.

19. A-sides are better than B-sides, or else the B-side would be the A-side.
False. Give a listen to Pyoko's B-side (Kanashiki Koi no Melody), Only You's (Yamete yo! Sindbad), Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game's (Aisare Sugiru Koto wa Nai), Aa, Yo ga Akeru's (Otona ni wa Naritakunai Hayaku Otona ni Naritai), VERY BEAUTY's (Gaki Taishou), Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu's ("Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu."), and Ganbaranakutemo Ee Nende!'s (Smile Bijin) just to name a FEW of the B-side that own their A-sides.

20. Berryz Koubou shouldn’t be “Sexy” suddenly after being “childish” for so long.
True. I just don't like the concept of getting all sexy Berryz unless they plan on giving the mature voices more lines in these songs...

FALSE. TSUNKU DOESN'T HAVE THE FINAL SAY IN ANYTHING! HE'S JUST THE PRODUCER, JUST THE /FACE/ OF H!P, HE DOESN'T MAKE ANY OF THE "BUSINESS DECISIONS" FOR H!P, Business decisions include things like who graduates and when, who gets in, who gets lines, etc. etc. etc. All Tsunku does is write the songs and look pretty, so STOP BLAMING HIM FOR ALL THE SHIT YOU'RE MAD ABOUT AND START APPRECIATING HIS ABILITY TO WRITE SONG AT A RATE OF 10 PER WEEK! (or something of that caliber seeing as most of the recent H!P song have all been written by him and NOBE, but mostly him...)

This has been Momo's half of the MomoChiima collab of Fact and Fiction ranting. Please check out her blog to see how she answers these 21 True or False questions: Okay! Musume Time or Chiima's Corner (cause I'm the idiot who doesn't know which she's putting it on XD)

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