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"Find the Good" Game!

All opinions expressed in this post are my own. If you happen to share them, great! If you don't, I'm sorry. I will not be censoring my opinions (EVER) for fear that they may differ from someone else's. If you leave me with a criticism, please make it constructive. Otherwise, enjoy :D. Or don't. Up to you.

Let's play a game! I like games :3. Recently I've put up quite a few posts regarding or referencing to some pretty negative stuff. It's kinda saddening... So today I wanna play the "Find the Good" game. This may or may not be a real game. As far as I know, I made it up, but original ideas are hard to come by nowadays, so it probably exists somehow already. Anyway, I'll be playing this H!P member style, so here's how I play: I'm going to go through every H!P member and talk about what I like about them. Even if I don't like the member, I will find something in them that I like. The main rule is just that I can't skip over any members using the excuse "I can't find anything I like about them." Everyone has charm points and, even if I have to spend an hour staring at them/watching videos of them/etc I WILL find something about them that I like. The other rule is that I'm not allowed to talk about anything I don't like about the members. Yup. Here we go.

First up is Michishige Sayumi. One of the things I love most about Shige is that she looks good in just about any style. When she's dressed cute, she's adorable. When she's dressed mature, she's gorgeous. When she's dressed cool/sexy/etc she's somehow able to work it. I love photos of her, and seeing her in different outfits. Another thing I love is her dedication to Morning Musume. After Aichan left, she did everything in her power to help Morning Musume stay popular, despite only being sub-leader at the time. Shige is my favorite leader for Morning Musume thus far because she really cares about the group and the members.

Next is Fukumura Mizuki. Firstly, Mizuki is gorgeous. That said, I love Mizuki's voice. It's very soft and mature. But at the same time, she can pull of cute songs like Aishuu Romantic so easily and sounds amazing. Also, despite being mature, she seems to have a bit of a playful side from what I've seen. I don't watch near as many videos as I want to, but from the bit I've seen, she seems like one of the members that most others enjoy the company of and gets along well with everyone. 

Ikuta Erina seems to be really good at pulling off styles like Shige, which I like. I also like that she's starting to find a personality in the group other than the "Gaki-Wota." She's always had the "strong" thing going for her, which is very admirable to me, but she's also made it her goal to become... what is it? "The number 1 idol" or something? I don't quite remember, but I think it may be interesting to see where that goes and if she takes it seriously. Lastly, Erina's is very pretty, especially in the right outfits and poses. Probably one of the best short-but-still-semi-girly-ish haired members H!P has had.

Sayashi Riho is an amazing dancer. Ever since the top 5 for gen 9 auditions were announced, I wanted her to get in because I loved her dancing so much. And now all the more so since she can dance without being held down by a certain lazy co-lead -cough-. Anyway, in addition to her dancing, one thing that I love is that she's gotten a lot better at smiling. I think it may have to do with feeling more comfortable in the group? Maybe? I don't know, but her old smile always scared me, but now she has a beautiful smile. Just look at it! It's adorable <3

My absolute favorite part of Suzuki Kanon is when she smiles wholeheartedly. Her "real" smile is one of those that I look at and can't help but smile along. Zukki also has a really unique (in a good way) voice that's enjoyable to listen to. Not to mention, Zukki has one of the most energetic personalities ever. Zukki really reminds me of Ogawa Makoto in that aspect. She's very playful and always seems to find some way of having fun.

Iikubo Haruna is really pretty, especially in the right photos. My initial bias towards her is because of the fact she's the closest H!P member ever to me in age (she's 2 days younger than me). Harunyan also has some funny reactions. She's very enjoyable to watch in misc. videos.

As for Ishida Ayumi, like Yasushi, she's an AMAZING dancer. She's also a really good singer, and even more so, an absolutely amazing rapper. If she ever gets a solo it better have rapping in it, for sure. Daishi's also very pretty. She especially looks amazing in cooler styles. I love when she wears outfits that involve ties, it somehow suits her. Haha, ties, suits, oh puns. 

Pretty sure anyone who has read most any of the posts on my blog already knows I absolutely LOVE Sato Masaki. So I will try and keep my fangirling to a minimum and just summarize what I love about her. First of all, she has such an adorable smile. Secondly, she has an amazing voice, though  when she uses her cutesy voice it may sound annoying, I still somehow like it. She's also a total airhead, but not in the fake "I want attention" kind of way. She's a legit airhead, and, at least for the time being, I find it adorable. Lastly, one of my favorite things about Masacchi is that she somehow has the ability to bring out the worst in everyone. And by "worst" I mean like "inner child." I'd gladly post an array of gifs and videos of such moments, but that's not what this post is for, so I'll be moving on now.

Despite being the youngest member of Morning Musume, Kudo Haruka is very mature. I love her tomboy style and would dare to say it rivals, if not beats, Yoshizawa Hitomi's (though I'm sure a lot of Yossie fans would beg to differ). Duu also has an amazing, strong voice. I also love how, despite how different they are, Duu is like the perfect match for Masacchi. Duu keeps Masacchi in check, and Masacchi brings out the kid in Duu. Perfect, right? :D

I remember when I first heard Help Me!! and my jaw literally dropped at Oda Sakura's first solo. Sakura has a very powerful voice. I also love her dancing. However, I'll admit, when she first joined, the thing I loved about her most was her sense of taste when she said "I want to be able to sing like Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa, and dance like Nakajima Saki." Now, though, I love Sakura for herself. She also has a cute, but still rather timid personality. I can't wait to see how she is when she gets completely relaxed in Morning Musume.

Shimizu Saki is probably my 2nd favorite member of current H!P (after Masacchi). I love her voice, both her cute-ish voice and her mature voice. Her dancing is also amazing, and her rapping is even better than her singing. Plus, she pulls of both mature and cool styles flawlessly. From what I can tell, Captain cares a lot about Berryz and is trying her best to keep them afloat even as they seem to be deteriorating slightly. I love that she dubbed Miiya as Sub-Captain despite her being the 3rd youngest. Captain's also very playful and silly sometimes, and it's fun to watch her in videos.

What I love about Tsugunaga Momoko is how, when she's not pulling her cute Momochii bullshit, she is so pretty. And when she wants to be, she can actually be drop-dead gorgeous. I think I'd fall in love with her if she looked like she does in this photo more often! <3

Tokunaga Chinami has to be one of the best personalities in current H!P. She's cute and funny and always smiling. She always seems to be messing around, but not in the annoying way, more like in the lightening the mood kinda way. She's also got a great smile that always looks like she means it with her whole heart when she smiles, even if it's just a smile smile. She's also adorable, and even some more serious styles suit her well.

I'd have to say that Sudou Maasa is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite voice in Berryz Koubou (not sure if Miiya would be ahead of her or not). I love her deep, mature voice, as well as the uniqueness of her voice.

Natsuyaki Miyabi is a big bias for me with the title of "first H!P bias." I've loved her since I first got into H!P through Buono! Her voice is great and her dancing is good. She also is gorgeous when she doesn't have ridiculous hairstyles. Miiya has always come across as mature to me and I feel like she would make a great leader (another reason why I was so excited that she was made sub-captain of Berryz).

Kumai Yurina has always fascinated me, to some extent. Between being the tallest member of Berryz, and having an extremely unique voice, she's one of those members that always seems to stand out (pun intended).

Somehow, Sugaya Risako has always seemed to me like one of the most relate-able members. I can't really explain how, she just gives off a really... well... "normal" vibe to me. I also love her voice. She's probably one of the strongest singers in lives out of Berryz Koubou. Even though her voice isn't my favorite, I really do think she deserves most of the lines she's given in songs.

Yajima Maimi is one of my favorite members in the "sexy" category. Definitely. She's also a pretty good dancer and has amazing hair. Maimi's probably one of the few/only members that I actually really like her hair, even when it's straight.

Nakajima Saki is another one of those "amazing dancer" things that I've mentioned before. She may possibly be my favorite of those, not sure on that one. Nakky also has potentially the best legs in H!P. Again, not sure, but hers are basically the only ones I've noticed, so I like them best. That's enough, right? Despite it being cutesy, I really love Nakky's voice, and don't find it near as annoying as most other cutesy voices. (I think Masacchi and Nakky are the only two super cutesy voices that I really like)

I think Suzuki Airi looks better in her member color than any other member looks in theirs. I swear, Airi looks perfect in pink. It's like she was made for the color. But Airi has this thing about looking good in most everything, it's just that making it pink makes it like 20% cooler (/MLP reference). Her voice is amazing too.

I'd have to say Okai Chisato's voice is probably my favorite out of current C-ute. I think Airi's is better in that it has an amazing range and such, but there's just something about Chisa's that is much more fun to listen to than Airi's. Plus she somehow always gets some badass songs for solos/leads and she pulls them off with ease.

Hagiwara Mai has really grown into a beautiful young woman these past few years. And her voice is much more tolerable then it used to be for me. I feel like she's gotten a lot better at controlling her voice, and rather than nasally cutesy voice like Masacchi, Momocchi, and Nakky tend to use, she seems to have a more naturally cutesy voice.

Okay, I lied. Wada Ayaka is also on my list of cutesy voices that I still love, as is Aika and Yukan so... uhh... forget I said anything. Anyway, I love DAWA's voice, in case you didn't catch that. I also love her hair. She's on the list with Maimi of "people who's hair I love even when it's straight." DAWA's also gotten extremely beautiful since the old Shugo Chara Egg days. (BTW I've had a DAWA bias since SCE in case I never mentioned that.)

As for Fukuda Kanon, I would have no complaints if she became a full time cosplay-model. I love her cosplays. Amulet Clover, Princess Kaguya, Suzumiya Haruhi, I've loved them all.

I can't seem to decide if Nakanishi Kana is adorable or beautiful. Maybe both? But with most people who I think are both, it varies with the outfit, however with Kananana, I'll look at the same photo and not be able to determine how I would define it. Outside of looks, I also love Kananana's voice. It's mature-ish, but in a cute kind of way.

I feel like if she wasn't a singer, Takeuchi Akari should be a model. I know I've commented on just about every member's looks, but something about Takechan just really makes me think she'd be a good model, especially for "cool" style fashions. Takechan also has a great voice, with, again, a very uniqueness to it.

Katsuta Rina comes across as a more mature, calmer person to me. She's also really cute when it comes to her looks. There's just something about her that makes me love her. <3

When it comes to Tamura Meimi, I don't even know where to start. I love her energetic personality, I love her deep, strong voice that doesn't seem to fit properly with her adorable image. Her dancing is always full of energy, and she always looks like she's having fun in videos, be it a PV, a concert, or another misc. video.

Mitsui Aika has only gotten cuter since she graduated from Morning Musume. I really wish she would do something as a solo artist, be it actually release songs or even be her own little modeling soloist of H!P. But I love her voice, and her looks, and she's just perfect and I wanna see more of her. ;A;

I've loved Miyazaki Yuka since she showed up out of no where in GREEN FIELDS. When it was announced she would be in a new egg unit, I couldn't have been more excited. Yukan is gorgeous and mature, and I love her voice. I feel like she's perfect for Juice=Juice and I'm infinitely glad she was added to it.

I know I've used this word a lot, but Kanazawa Tomoko has the most unique voice in current (and possibly all-time) Hello!Project. Her accent affects her singing voice enough to stand out and it sounds really cool. Plus, Tomoko is really pretty. I hadn't even heard her name until Juice=Juice was announced, but she's grown to be my second favorite member in the group since it formed.

I feel like Takagi Sayuki is the most energetic girl in Juice=Juice. I love her powerful voice, as well as her energetic dancing. I feel like she and Meimi would have a lot of fun singing and dancing together.

I have to say, Miyamoto Karin's gentle voice is amazing, I'm really not at all upset that she's one of the lead singers of Juice=Juice (yeah, now if only the gap between the leads and the back ups wasn't so big... :'3) She's also really pretty and seems to look good in most of the outfits she's had so far.

Lastly, Uemura Akari is really pretty and looks older than she actually is (I really didn't think she was the youngest of Juice=Juice at first). Her voice is also really cute. I don't love it by any means, but I do like it. She also has a really pretty smile. 

So that was my attempt at finding the good in everyone in current H!P. I hope you enjoyed, and I challenge you to try and look at some of the members you may not like so much and find something about them that you can honestly say you like. Have a good day/night/morning/evening/whatever time it is where you are, and see you next time.

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