Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Surveys and Old Survey's Results.

My survey got 13 responses. That may not seem like much, but it was like 5-10 more than I expected to get, so I'm going to post the results here for it. I'll leave the survey open if people still want to take it (that link is dis one -click me- if you're interested in that). I may or may not post the results again in the future depending on how many more people vote.

Before I show the results, I did get a few requests for more surveys (as you will see later), so I went ahead and made two more for the time being. An official one, and a "preliminary" one.

Click here for the Berryz Koubou Survey

In regards to the H!P Prelims one, I'll probably narrow the nominated members down to the top 7-10 (depending on the question, and this only if more than that are nominated) simply to keep things a bit cleaner.

Alright, now that that's been said, let's look at the Results of the 13 responses to the "Random Morning Musume Survey"

What is Morning Musume's rank to you?

This really doesn't surprise me much. it seems to me Morning Musume is one of the most popular groups before taking a survey. Seeing the majority vote for "First" and 100% of the 13 responses are in the top half (First-Third), makes sense to me.

Who's voice do you like the best?

This is probably one of the ones that surprised me the most. Just by the fact that Masaki got the most votes thus far. I personally voted for her, but I know that a lot of people don't like her voice because she tends to use the "cutesy" one most of the time, which even I'll admit is extremely annoying. Sakura being 2nd isn't very surprising, I was personally expecting her to be first.

Who's dancing do you like the best?

Riho won by a margin. I got a laugh out of the random Erina in there though. 12/13 people voted for either Ayumi or Riho, and then just a random vote for Erina. Nothing against Erina's dancing or whoever voted for it. To each his own, huh? ;3

Who's personality do you like the best?

Other than being, again, surprised by Masaki's lead, I'm not surprised much elsewhere. It's to be expected for this category especially to be diverse. Well... All of them should be, but I just feel like what people like in other people's personalities would vary a bit more than their voice or dancing abilities, but this is just an un-backed prejudgement on my part. I have no evidence for it.

Which members would you say you "love"?

I'm very happy, and not just that 7/13 would say they love Masaki, but primarily that everyone has at least 2 people who love them. Fans are very important to an idol, and I may not necessarily love everyone in the group, but I do think they all work hard and deserve love.

Which members would you say you "like"?

This also pleases me greatly. It feels like people like to ignore the line between "love" and "hate," so I'm happy to see that so many people do incorporate that they may not "love" a member, but they still like them.

Which members would you say you less than "like"?

I think the thing I like most about this one is that, no member as more than 4 less than like votes. Unlike "Love" which varied from 2 to 7, and "Like" which varied from 4 to 8, this category only varies from 2 to 4 at the moment. I also like how most of the members are about the same. 6/10 of them are tied at 2, and 2/10 are tied at both 3 and 4. I dunno, I personally find that amusing xD.

Which generation made the biggest impact on your opinion of MoMusu's Colorful Era?

This is possibly the most surprising graph to me. Not only do Michishige and Oda have no votes, but Gen 9 and 10 are as tied as you can get with 13 people who have to answer this question. I guess I kinda expected Gen 9 and 10 to be about even, but I did expect people to vote on at least Sakura too...

As for the comments, I've gotten three things:

"I like this idea"
"this kind of survey is fun :)"
"Nothing really. Neat and precise enough. Answering a survey is really the main highlight of it. As long as the topic is good and relevant enough, you can put up surveys as often as you like."
"Keep doing them"
"Great survey, would love to hear about the result soon..."
"Pretty good!"

"General Hello Project or Beeryz Koubou. I like that you asked about whose voice and personality differently"
"Great survey! I would enjoy more surveys comparing ALL groups of Hello! Project!"
"Recent song ranking?"

and two just random things
"IMMABAKA" (<-- that would be me btw)
"Why you make me pick only one?!"

Due to such positive feedback, I do intend on making more surveys in the future. I'll probably only make  one or two at a time, and probably make a preliminary survey for things that would involve a lot more choices like the song ranking and such. I'm glad that people had fun :). Thanks for taking part everybody, have a good day/night/gif.

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