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MMerry., Berryz, C-utie, Juice=y, S/miley, Mitsui Christmas!

I'm going into this with no idea what I'm gonna actually say, but I assure you that my opinion will most probably be involved somehow... Deal with it. Oh and MMerry Christmas!

HEY GUYS! So, uhm... I've kinda gotten sick of Christmas... the Holiday which is supposed to bring cheer and joy to everyone just ends up bringing paranoia and stress. So what better to do then blog? Plus I feel like I owe it to at least do some sorta Christmas special blog post. So... uhh.. here it is... I've got 0 inspiration whatsoever right now, though, so I'm kinda making this up as I go along.


Anyway, I figure there's nothin better than a little music for Christmas, right? Right. So I guess I'll just put down some of my Christmas jams so you people can give them a listen, okay? Okay. That sounds do-able.

Wa~ MERRY PIN X-mas! is far from my first choice, but it's one of them, and it's the first to come to mind since a friend did a parody dub of it for Christmas. That was "Wa~ Merry-pon Christmas" by Nerupyon if you wanna check that out. This song is originally a duet by Shigepinku (Michishige Sayumi) and Kohappinku (Kusumi Koharu) (Also known as Rainbow Pink, I believe?) on Morning Musume's 7.5 mini fuyu album thing. The title, "Merry Pin-Christmas," is a pun of sorts. The kind where you take two words that end/begin with the same thing and put them together? Anyway, in this case, it's short for "Merry Pink Christmas," but since Pink ends with "KU" and Christmas starts with "KU" they combine it into (in japanese pronunciation) "PIN.KU.RISUMASU" which I find quite creative. The song overall I enjoy as it brings out the cute personalities of the two girls, especially in the "e~ e~" parts in the choruses.

One of my favorite winter/Christmas songs, and not even H!P, is Winter Love Story by JYONGRI. The video has a bit of a Wintertime Cinderella theme to it, though the song isn't like that at all unless it's the "Winter Love Story" being referred to. Anyway, one of the things I love about this song is the fact that it's a half and half song! Half Japanese, half English. I always seem to have a weakness for songs like this. Plus, this girl has some amazing pronunciation in both languages. The overall song is so sweet, and yeah, it's not technically a "Christmas" song, but I said MY Christmas jams, so that means "song I like to listen to at Christmas-time." Be grateful that this one is at least Winter-y, cause one I got on my mind isn't even that ;3

I really love Santa-san by Momoiro Clover Z! It's a really cute song about believing in, awaiting, pleading to, etc Santa. It's pretty fun when they joke about Australia having Christmas in Summer and go on with a parody of their own song CocoNatsu. Santa-san is probably in my top 5 MomoClo songs (though that's not saying much since I only regularly listen to 6-7, but that's aside the point!)

I know there we a lot of people who poked fun at this song, primarily because of the outfits, but you know what? I love this song AND the outfits. So yeah. Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about: The song is titled "Samui ne." which means "It's cold." so a lot of people made fun that "If you would dress properly, maybe you wouldn't be so cold." But, honestly, where I live, it can be "cold" to me, but I'll be wearing something as light as that, so it really doesn't bother me much. Anyway, this song is a really nice listen at Christmas time, especially when I'm in a sad mood and don't really wanna listen to something all happy and cheery. 

For some reason the video won't show up when I try to do the whole video thing... anyway, remember when I said a Christmas Jam that isn't even technically winter-y? Yep, this is one of those things ;) Morning Musume's Mickey Mouse March ~ Matsuura Aya's Disney Medley is a pair of songs that for reason I find especially enjoyable at this time of year. Why? Heck if I know. But anyway, these two songs consist of a cute little Mickey Mouse theme-like song by Morning Musume from Platinum Era, and a Disney Medley by Matsuura Aya from a dinner performance, if I'm correct. The Medley consists of the Japanese versions fo Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Bippity Boppity Boo, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The Japanese versions of these songs are SO much better than the English, especially the last one (hell if I'm typing that word again), and it's such a fun medley.

I always forget how much I love this song until I listen to it again! Shiroi Tokyo by ZYX may be one of my favorite one-shot unit songs ever (yes, I consider ZYX a one-shot unit even though the got 2 singles. I feel the same about DEF.DIVA too). Everytime it reminds me just how much I miss Megumi. I really shouldn't be saying this, since she was already gone when I got into H!P, but I don't care! Megumi is, was, and always will be my all-time favorite H!P Kid. Oh yeah, the song. Shiroi Tokyo's biggest weakness, in my opinion, is the fact it's 100% solos. I really would have liked to hear some group lines, like they tend to do when they make concert versions of the song. 

Kotatsu no Uta ~jyuken story~ is a really important song to me, especially around this time of year. It reminds me of two of my dear friends who, between the three of us, all of our MoMusu top Oshi's are in this one song. This song, like Wa~ MERRY PIN X'mas was on the 7.5 mini fuyu album thing, and I know at least one person didn't understand what it had to do with winter. As far as I've bothered to tell, the main thing is that a Kotatsu is only used in winter (if I recall correctly). Maybe there's more winter-y stuff in the song, but I never paid enough attention to tell. But yeah, it's one of my Christmas jams, so close enough.

While we're on the topic of that mini-album, how about some Samui Kara Fuyu damon! ~Dou mo Kou mo Naissu yo Mikitty~? I have a certain bias to Mikitty, as she was the first H!P soloist I ever heard a song by. So I've loved this song ever since I heard it. But it's a really good song, even without the Mikitty bias. I usually only listen to it once or twice a year, though, but guess when that is! NOW. So yeah, enjoy :3.

This was really popular a couple years ago, I would have like 5 different friends all sending me this video in a span of like 3 days. But it's always really nice hearing Morning Musume try and sing in English (always? Not like they do it much... but still). But this is a Christmas Cover Medley by Morning Musume. The medley consists of the songs:
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (All)
The Loco-Motion (Abe Natsumi, Ishikawa Rika, and Fujimoto Miki)
Please Mr. Postman (Iida Kaori, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Ogawa Makoto, and Konno Asami)
Be My Baby (Yaguchi Mari, Tsuji Nozomi, Kago Ai, Takahashi Ai, and Niigaki Risa)
Love Machine (All)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, and Tanaka Reina --> All)
It's a really cool Medley, and though I may not necessarily agree with the distribution, it was really interesting.

And that's about it, I think. There's probably other songs, but I can't think of them. AND NO, I DID NOT FORGET AITAI LONELY CHRISTMAS. THAT SONG. OMFG THAT SONG! That song was so over-used the year it came out. And the year after. I'm just so done with it. It's a good song, but I'm sick of it. Srsly. 4reel. >o. Ugh I feel like I should write more but I don't know what else to say. I was kinda hoping I could stall until midnight so I could at least say it was alreayd Christmas here, but it's only 8:30... WELL IT'S CHRISTMAS IN JAPAN, THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ME. So Merry Christmas, everyone, whether it's Christmas yet or not, and enjoy some Morning Musume Christmas outfit spam <3


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