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Survey Final Round / Why Do I Actually Do This? / 2013 Wishes Fulfilled

Too lazy for a legit disclaimer. So to sum it up: My blog = My opinions.

Okay, I'll go ahead and start with the final round for the H!P Survey. You can find that here.

And before I move on, I would like to address one of the comments I got from Round 2:

"Tamura was an option for too many of the questions. Dancing for example, should have had Takeuchi Akari as the S/mileage representative."

Okay, I know most of you don't need to hear this, but since on everything before Round 2 I had a max of 15 votes, and then this time I suddenly had 17, I'm going to say this for anyone else who doesn't go back and read old stuff (not to point fingers or blame, I don't go back and read stuff either). I didn't pick who made it this far. I had a Preliminary survey to let YOU GUYS nominate who YOU think should be in each category. I did this because I didn't want YOU to have to vote off of MY biases. So I don't really care who "should have" been anything, since this isn't about any individual person's opinion. This was about those 15 people who have been following me since I started doing this's opinions.

Okay, that being said, Enjoy the final round. :3

Alrighty, part 1 having been taken care of, moving on to part 2. I was nominated by Chiima for whatever this thing is: 

I dun really get what's going on, but from what I understand I get to answer questions. I like answering questions :3

So the rule things are like dis (as C&P from Chiima):

1. Link back to the Blogger who nominated you for this Spiffing Award. (check)

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger whom has so kindly nominated you. (will do)
3. Nominate 11 (however many you can think of) other bloggers with under 200 followers for this spiffing award.
5. Pray that they read this post and find out that they have been nominated!
6. Go to the blogs you have nominated and notify them of what you have done (No sankyuu)
7. Give your nominees 11 wonderful questions. Just don't get personal, kay?
8. You did not realise that I missed out Numero 4 on this list, right? (Totally didn't o 3o)

Unfortunately, I only follow a couple blogs... so I'm only gonna be able to tag like... 2 people or something... I don't know, I'll rack my brain when I get that far. Anyway, first I gets to answer questions -flails happily- ok to do that. LEZ GO.

1. How did you find Idols, and what got you into them?
Funny story actually. Back in late 2007/early 2008, I was into AMV making, and I noticed quite a few of the people I was subscribed to on youtube had started using this cute new anime with a girl with pink hair and little chibis. I got curious so I checked what it was called and looked it up. Shugo Chara became my anime obsession after I started watching it. I got my sister into it, and soon after I got a few of my friends into it. Not long after, two of my friends informed me that the opening and ending theme songs had dance shots and they were learning the dances them and invited me to join. This was right around when Ren'ai Rider had come out, I think, since one friend pointed out "hey, there's a new one" the first time we met up to learn the dances together. I took on Natsuyaki Miyabi's part and we started learning the first 3 dances that they had releases so far. 

I remember that I knew each of their faces in Buono, but for some reason I thought the girl who is Suzuki Airi's name was Tsugunaga Momoko and visa versa. So it wasn't like I mixed up their appearances or anything, I just misunderstood who was who when my friend told me their names. I still laugh back at that memory.

Anyway, I found out they were releasing a CD, so I bought it off of ebay as soon as I could, and got all the songs from it on my ipod and tried to get my dancing friends to sing them with me as well as dancing. They pretended to be interested, but they really weren't.

After a while, (note that we did keep learning Buono dances through co.no.mi.chi during what I'm about to say) Shugo Chara Egg, a now 4 person group, released a dance shot for the opening. I took on Amulet Dia (Wada Ayaka)'s part, but we were missing a 4th member, so we dragged in another friend that we hung out with and made her be our missing link. Now that we had 4 girls, the original two informed us that they found and were learning a Duo's dance, and me and the new girl should learn it too. That was Ai no Imi wo Oshiete by W. I liked the idea and tried out Tsuji Nozomi's part. We were all having fun, so we tried a couple bigger group songs. First, we tried the extremely new song MADAYADE, which the girls let me be Sugaya Risako for. The four of us managed to learn most of the song, but we were still missing 3 people. So we pulled in 3 more people to our little group. Unfortunately, they knew absolutely nothing about the previous dances we had learned, and following this dance shot was a bit harder than the simple ones. So we tried to teach the girls the Buono dances we began with in hopes that it would make learning easier for them. Unfortunately, the more people you have in a group, the easier it is to get distracted, and while I was trying to teach or learn, the rest of the girls started chatting and hanging out. This was our last meet-up to learn dances.

After this, I tried to learn new dances by myself, but the loneliness and frustration would always get to me and I would give up within 5 minutes or less of starting. However, since I bought the first CD, I had begun trying to sing more. And Christmas of 2008, my parents bought me and my sister a karaoke game for our Wii, and the microphone for it was USB. I had noticed some people singing and putting it on youtube before, so I gave it a shot. And I liked it. At this time I only committedly knew of Buono and I actually knew some songs from Mermaid Melody from my AMV making, so I auditioned for and got in my first dubbing project in the Mermaid Melody group. Through this project I was able to expand my horizons to more Berryz and W, as well as learning about new groups such as Morning Musume, C-ute, AKB48, etc. And that's how this crazy obsession began.

2. How long have you been blogging for now?
Hell if I know. This blog is probably like 2 or 3 years old? But I've only been blogging regularly for maybe... 4 months? 5? Not sure. Opening a new tab to look is too much work, though.

3. Think of a random Idol song. The first one that pops into your head, what is it, and what do you think of it?
Say Yeah! -Motto Miracle Night- by Morning Musume. erm . 3.

4. Now think of your favourite Idol song! What is it, and why is it your favourite?
Erm... Say Yeah! -Motto Miracle Night- by Morning Musume > 3>. I didn't realize until after I got into the group that this was actually the first H!P song I was ever exposed to. I had seen a AMV to the song and loved it, but never looked at who did it, so it wasn't until after I was looking through the discography did I notice and recognize the song. (This is also why it was the first to pop into my head, since I was still thinking about when I first got into idols.) It's my favorite still because it's the only song that I've been listening to for as long as 5 years and haven't gotten sick of. Even though I may like other songs better moment to moment, all time, Say Yeah has got to be my favorite :).

5. If you could go to any country right now, which country would it be?
Right Now? Either the UK or the Netherlands to visit friends <3. If I could get a raincheck? Japan in the distant future for Maachan's final day graduation concert (which is hopefully not gonna happen for at least 10 more years >.>)

6. What was your favourite childhood cartoon?
Xiaolin Showdown. I was rewatching it recently and I still understand why I loved it so much back then XD.

7. Did you ever like Anime or Manga before you got into Idols?
I think this question was answered in 1, but yes. I was a big Sailor Moon fan as a kid, and then a friend got me to read my first ever Manga (Fruits Basket) and from there, both my love for anime and manga grew.

8. What was your best subject in school?
Math. Always has been. And now I'm majoring in it <3.

9. What is your favourite book? Have you re-read it?
Erm, probably a tie between Ender's Game and Full Tilt. Neither of them have I re-read since I first read them, but both of them I bought (and ironically, they arrived right after I started this section of this blog post XD) so I'll probably try re-reading at least one of them tonight <3.

10. If you were in a Zombie Apocolypse, who would you ally with? It can be anyone, from fictional to real, to someone you do or do not know! Choose wisely!
Ehm... from watching people play The Walking Dead, I'd probably be happier just dying then trying to live through a Zombie Apocolypse o 3o. But if I had to pick, probably just anyone who has the survival skills that I lack (So... uhm... all of them :3).

11. Would you ever volunteer for the Hunger Games?
Hell no. :3


I don't know who to tag other than Chiima back and Sarah's blog thingy. So yeah, if you guys dun mind doing stuff again . 3. <3. Also, anyone who has a blog and reads mine is free to answer these questions too <3 feel free to comment on the post with links to your answers :).

And my questions are~

1. If you could go back in time and introduce your past self to idols sooner, would you, and about when would you do it (like how old would the past you be)? And why that time, if there's a reason?

2. What song do you wish you could have coordinated instead to make it better? (I mean everything from line distribution, to dance formation, to pv design, etc.)

3. If you could make a new idol unit, who would be in it and what would it be called?

4. Who is your favorite idol and why? (Optionally: Did you always like them, and if not, what made you change your mind about them?)

5. If you had any super-power, what would it be and why?

6. Which idol group (or even just 'bunch of random idols') would you want to be included if a new live action of your favorite anime was announced?

7. How do you explain idols if/when people ask you about them/why you like them?

8. What was the first CD you ever bought? (doesn't have to be idol related)

9. Is there a song which does not have a PV, that you wish did? And if so, which song?

10. Are there any idols that you used to like, but then grew to dislike them as you got to know them better?

11. What's your favorite number? O 3O

UGH, I suck at making questions... Which is really terrible for someone who loves answering questions so much xD. 

Finally, the last part of this post. I don't know if anyone remembers, but at the beginning of this year, and again around the middle, I made blog posts about things I hoped to come out of this year. So I'm gonna summarize the few wishes that came true :D.

Dance Unit.
Although still inactive to my knowledge, my desire for a dance unit was fulfilled. This unit not only fulfilled my dance unit wish, but also quite a few of my "members I want to get a sub-unit" wish. Those were: Captain and Nakky, conditionals for Riho and Ayumi, and different conditionals for Maimi and Dawa.

Otsuka Aina Unit.
Unfortunately, she resigned from the unit before it's debut, but Juice=Juice fulfilled my "Otsuka Aina in a Unit" wish.

Surprisingly enough, Hello!Project did release an umbrella O_O. It was for C-ute's Kanashiki Amefuri, and it was really boring, and not the kind I like, BUT IT WAS AN UMBRELLA. Baby steps!

More Graduations and Auditions.
There were more graduations and auditions. To my disadvantage, the graduation wasn't really a graduation as it was a dismissal, and it was my original favorite member of the group (Otsuka Aina), and the Auditions came up with nada in the end (MoMusu Gen 12), but they happened! I guess...

Morning Musume self-cover album.
The Best ~Updated Morning Musume~. Hated most of the songs on the album, but again, it happened :3.

Autotune dy-ing?
I feel like towards the end of the year, there's been a lot less autotune than there was earlier on... so that kinda counts, right?

I don't know if I'd go that far, but I am very happy with how this year has turned out, and I can't wait to see what H!P has to bring next year :).

So, this was... uhm... lots of things. I hope it wasn't too overwhelming. I thought of putting stuff in separate posts, but it seemed like a waste of time. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I'll see you guys next year ;3 Happy New Year!.

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